Alex Ries showcases what life on Mars might have been

Art developed as part of his personal exploration of ambiogenesis.

A new artist illustrates what life may look like on Mars.... a few billion years ago.
Alex Ries creates never before seen life-forms and show us a slice of what alien life might  look like on our sister planet.
Alex Ries has had a life long fascination with the "what if" concept of life on earth (and other planets)....He's been exploring numerous potential forms of life that could have been, or perhaps exist already somewhere else.
Basing his ideas on the ancient concept of Abiogenesis, which is the beliefe that life could spontaneously be generated from non life forms such as earth and water, he's explored numerous forms that may be existing already elsewhere....or could have existed here given the right set of circumstances...
His works are one part observation, one part imagination. The works are beautifully rendered and they evoke the awe and wonder of the "what if there was life out there" concept.
We think it exists somewhere!
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