Zika Virus insects

All images copyrights Claude Thivierge

Claude Thivierge - Artist Bio info
A Montreal native, Claude’s Career has spanned over 2 decades. His love of nature, and passion for detail has made hime a sought after artists. His works have appeared on postcards for Ducks Unlimited, as well as part of private collections.
Clients hire him to create nature and animal illustrations Publishers such as Soundprints, Weldon Owen, Scholastic, MacMillan,  Phoenix Home and Garden, Better Homes and Gardens and Organic Gardening Magazine.
Global Warming - How Harmful insects can be disarmed by one easy trick...and perhaps we can save the bees at the same time.
Virtually every aspect of human lives will be affected by Global warming if it's not stopped. Stop idling cars makes sense, and will reduce the insect population too!
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